Our Vehicle Fleet is made of Modern Luxury Toyota Corolla, C & E Classes Mercedes Benz, Mini Buses Hyundai H1, Toyota Quantum GL, Mercedes Benz Sprinters, And larger buses up to 60 seaters.

Our entire fleet of luxury vehicles are fully licensed to transport tourists and are air-conditioned, regularly maintained by a qualified Toyota and Mercedes Benz dealership (for roadworthiness and cleanliness) and meet all the standards and requirements of the Road Transportation Act.

All our drivers are tourists guides and have their professional driving permits.

Vehicles on our fleet are the 3-seater C-Class, 3 seater Toyota Corolla, the 7-seater Hyundai H1 the 13-seater Quantums and the 20 seater Mercedes Benz Sprinter and larger buses for any occasion. Our vehicles are insured and comes with a sustainable passenger liability cover.