Old Biscuit Mill experience in Cape Town South Africa!

Cape Town is known to be the ‘Mother City’ in South Africa, with thousands storming in to experience the different cultures and diversities.

Woodstock, Cape Town South Africa is a neighborhood just about 7 minutes away from the CBD. It is famous for it’s lovely markets, vintage fashion and amazing street food stalls. It plays a huge role within the areas of the Western Cape, with antiques stores, crafted beverages and many more.

The Old Biscuit Mill based in the heart of Woodstock promises to deliver just what the masses need. With people showcasing their indigenous talents, different diversities coming together and cultures; this awesome spot is not to be missed.

cape town tours
cape town tours

In the 1900’s John Pyott had the Old Biscuit Mill as an actual factory where biscuits were made; to what it was called “The Pyott’s biscuit company”. The business had remained operational up until the 1940’s. With tremendous work and revamping, the Old Biscuit Mill holds an impactful history and is yet still going further.

From clothing, cultural activities, music and food, this sure sounds like a place where everyone should be to experience. The best part about Old Biscuit Mill, you can start from enjoying a beautiful ‘Brunch’ with your desirable warm beverage into the afternoon for lunch and good cold one. It prides itself by being an all in one house, from shopping for clothes, to getting food and partaking in exciting activities.


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