Experience True Majestic Beauty with Whale Watching

Experience True Majestic Beauty with Whale Watching

Experience True Majestic Beauty with Whale Watching

One of the most majestically beautiful mammals in the world, the whale is a site to see. And if you’re planning on doing a Cape Town tour, you want to make sure that whale watching is on your list of things to do.

Take a private tour of Cape Town and see these gentle giants up close and personal. Whales range in size from the dwarf whale, which is 2.6 metres and 135 kilograms to the Blue Whale, which is 34 metres and 190 metric tons. The Blue Whale the largest creature that has ever lived.

What Will You See in Cape Town?

The main attraction to the Cape Town tour scene is the Southern Right Whale. The most commonly spotted whale in Cape Town, the Southern Right Whale is distinguishable by the callosities on its head, a broad back without a dorsal fin, and a long arching mouth that begins above the eye. Its skin is very dark grey or black, occasionally with some white patches on the belly.

You can also see other stunning whales like the Humpback whale, which is 13 metres long and weighs about 30 000kg. The Bryde’s whale is also sometimes spotted as well as other marine life like dolphins and the African penguin.

Where to See Whales in Cape Town

While it’s possible to see whales from your hotel room (with binoculars) the best way to see whales in Cape Town is to do a private tour. These tours will take you to Hermanus, located roughly and hour and a half from Cape Town, it’s the perfect location to do whale watching. When you take a tour of Hermanus, there are two routes to take – the highway with mountain passes, vineyards, and forests or the R44 Coastal route, a stunning scenic drive in South Africa.


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